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#3 ivan Rossiter 2015-01-25 21:17
Hi Mathew Barnes
i don't have a photo of the Olive Branch public house on Wises lane. but what I have got if you are interested is the 1911 census for the pub. I have sent a email to the site to ask if was possible to have a email address so I could send it to you. please let me know
#2 John Hepburn 2014-01-22 10:25
A question from Peter Kitchingham about Kitchingham Cottages (between Bannister Hill and Hearts Delight):-

"I am not aware of any other Kitchingham family connection specifically with Bobbing or Borden – they were primarily in Stockbury, Hartlip, Newington, Rainham, then later still in Upchurch and Bredhurst.

I am hoping that somebody might be able to help with the following:-

1. Were the Kitchingham cottages so named because a Kitchingham built them, or was it simply that a Kitchingham owned the freehold at that time?

2. Is there any info to confirm who that Kitchingham was? Could it be William Kitchingham (husband of Frances Saywell)?"
#1 Mathew Barnes 2014-01-05 16:14
Hi my name is Matt Barnes and I live at olive house which used to be the olive branch public house.Just wondered if anyone had any old photos of when it used to be a pub

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