Heritage Open Day Feb 2010

The event generated an enormous amount of enthusiasm and interest from the public and local organisations. Local Parish Councillors arranged and co-ordinated the event, visitors had the opportunity to discuss the exhibits while enjoying coffee and cake and a survey was conducted, by means of a questionnaire, to gather views and comments.

Memorabilia and records were displayed by members of Brownie Guiding, the Church of St Peter and Paul, Cricket Club, Mothers Union, Horticultural Society, and Women’s Institute. Members of the public brought old photographs and artefacts from their lofts, cupboards and gardens to display.

The Kent Messenger Newspaper gave the event a front page story and photograph with additional cover inside.

Volunteers offered to interview & record memories, and others offered to help put together leaflets/history boards, almost all of those present wanted to be involved in a local group that organised visits and speakers.

The website was available for all to use and, by displaying it through a projector; it created a good deal of interest and gained several new members.

Overall there was a general willingness to share and become involved in ensuring that our local Heritage is recorded and available to future generations. 

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