Wises House

Wises House

Wises House was built in 1827 as the Wises family became more prosperous and extended the original building (now Wises Cottage). It is a regency period building on three floors and retains many of the original features. We are very aware that we are just temporary keepers of the house and there have many lucky people who have lived here.

Growing up 1930-50...

We had a visit from a man who grew up in the house during 1930-50s. He told us many stories about the house which I wish I had made more notes! But this is what I remember: Wises House and Wises Cottage was one house at that time. Indeed we still have interconnecting doors on all levels, but I've never dared to open them! The lower floor which is now our main living area was then just used for stores then and was nicknamed the "dungeons" by the children as it was very dark.

The owner kept a pig, which at Christmas time would be slaughtered and then hung up over a sand pit in what is now our TV room. He would give out cuts of the pig to various friends in what seems to have been a local barter economy in the area.

There were many out-buildings around a yard at the back, including a large ice house. He also remembered the 250 foot well at the rear of the property. It was a sizeable well - donkey operated. Although it was disused in his time. He used to get into trouble with his father for throwing things down it! We are not absolutely sure where it is now, but he thought it was directly under our greenhouse. Better not dig there then...
He also remembers a military uniform of the 19th century being found in one of the out-buildings. His younger brother managed to scramble up a chimney one day and found a scimitar and dagger on a ledge! He still has these in his possession. 

David Maw

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