School Photos


Two images of Borden School pupils were given to us by Olive Palmer. Both images have names added in the border, and if anyone can add more information please contact the Editor.

Some photos from the school archive of a road safety event and a Christmas gathering marked as 1959.

Safety Photo 1959.

From Roger Martin. Looking at the photo on the left is Mr Costin (Headmaster) the girl on the left of photo is Anne Barrett the boy in the middle is Keith Parkhouse and the policeman is PC Pike.

Also from Roger Martin is this about the School Christmas 1959: First row 4th in from the L is Derrick Grey Second row the boy with his fingers on his chin is Ronnie Jacobs 3rd row 3rd in from the L girl with blonde hair wide eyes is one of the Brett twins. Directly behind her and pulling a face is David Wells Same row boy with glasses is Paul Puttwane Behind him and either side are Roger & Keith Martin ( Aged 10) The boy with his hands on his neck is Keith Pratt (Hinse) Go two rows back and the boy in front of the two ladies is Robin Potts. The two ladies are, L Mrs Barrett (caretaker of the school) and on the R is Mrs Jacobs Same row but to the extreme right, man with receding hair is Rev Philips (Vicar) Top R the man with curly hair and looking over the group is Bob Jenkins (Teacher). 

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