Borden in World War One.


The Maypole
Location of a recruiting rally with lanternslide lecture, 25th September 1914.

Oad Street
Site of a weekend camp of Kent Fortress Royal Engineers (TF) at the end of June 1915.
A German POW working camp was here later in the War.

Chestnut Street by the Tudor Rose.
Location of an army training camp. 

Helen Allinson “Borden – The History of a Kentish village” Synjon Books Sittingbourne, 2003.


#3 Alan Anstee 2013-12-11 19:55
Hi Sorry I made a mistake in my last entry, the event at Oad Street was reported in the 3rd July 1915 edition of the EKG. It names the officer in charge as Capt E Le Feaux who served in the 2/6th Company Kent (Fortress) RE later 579th (Kent) Works Company RE. I believe that Le Feaox may have commanded a section of the unit. I've also seen mention of the Oad Street Camp as late as January 1919 in one local paper. Alan Anstee
#2 Alan Anstee 2013-12-11 12:05
Hi I'm one of the researchers working on the Swale 20th Century Defence project. I've found several references to the REs in and around Bordon. The East Kent Gazette recorded the a sort of Gala weekend at Oad Street in the 3 August 1915 edition, which is what you refer to on your site. I've also seen a couple of other references to the Oad Street Camp It also states the camp converted to a POW Camp was on Keycol Hill, the POWs were due to arrive on May 10th 1919. I've registered with your site so please contact me if you want to know more. Alan Anstee
#1 Raymond Young 2013-12-02 11:04
Just found this site and sorry if this is the wrong way of contacting anyone Is there a correct way to contact whoever runs this group ?
Very interested in this photograph as my mother Mary Day , was born in Borden in1916 and her father joined up in the Royal Engineers I wonder if it was from here We cannot find much in the way of his service time as they were destroyed in WW2 He was one of the lucky ones who returned my e mail is m3
Again sorry if this is the wrong way of using this site

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