Marjorie’s memories of Borden Fetes

I remember Fetes in the 1930’s.

In the 1950’s Borden Fete was held annually on a Saturday in August in Hinges field and the whole village turned out.There were various races and competitions, bowling for a pig, wonky bike rides, coconut shy, egg and spoon race, three legged race, sack race, men’s and women’s races and a game of rounders. For the wild flower competition we collected a bunch of wild flowers the day before and put them in a jam jar.One year my daughter Anne and her friend Marion won the children’s fancy dress competition dressed as the ‘Bisto Kids’.The ‘Dagenham Girl Pipers’ played some years and we also had swing boats.The highlight of the afternoon was the maypole dancing, usually two performances. The girls wore white dresses with red or blue sashes tied in a large bow at the back. The boys wore smocks and red kerchiefs. The music was provided by a windup gramophone with a large horn. The maypole was decorated with a large bunch of flowers on the top. In the early years Mr. Bishop, who lived in Wises Lane, gave each boy and girl who danced, a shilling and a glass of lemonade with a biscuit. One year my son David won a dinner service in the raffle.

The Fete was held on the Playstool when Hinges field was taken over for housing.
It was something to look forward to every year and enjoyed by all.

Happy days. 


#1 Christine 2015-04-26 19:27
So lovely to read this memory of the village fate by Marjorie, it would be lovely to bring back the maypole at the village fate :)

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