Scouting in 1929

Borden Scout Group

Our newly-formed Troop of Scouts, rejoycing in the name of the "1st Borden" is going strong.There are two Patrols - the Owl and the Pewitt. The Owl Patrol colours are light blue, and the Pewitt's white and green. As regards the other part of the uniform, they are the same. I think our Headmaster has been very generous to the Scouts by giving them their neckerchiefs, and also obtaining permission for them to use the school for meetings. The majority of the Scouts have passed their Tenderfoot. No Scout is allowed to wear uniform unless he has passed the Tenderfoot. There are certain things to be learned before you can pass as a Scout. First, you must know the Law and Promise; secondly, you must know knots and their uses; thirdly, there are the three flags of which the Union Jack is composed. Last of all every Scout must know the right way to fly the Union Jack. The Scoutmaster Mr Wells, has had a number of excellent brain-waves which have helped the Scouts a lot. He has also introduced many new games which we had never heard of previously. It has been arranged that we meet at the School every Tuesday evening at seven o'clock, and sometimes there is a Leaders' meeting afterwards, which gives the leaders a chance of dicussing the Troop and trying to improve it. Four new members have joined the Troop, and we are all pleased to hear that one of them has been in the Scouts before he came here. He was in the Cubs for two years, and has been a Scout for seven months. At Wateringbury he was in the Cuckoo patrol, and he has passed his second class. One cannot go in for any other badges until one has passed the second class. We should be pleased if more boys joined the Troop and came to know the joys of Scouting. It is something worth while to become a member of a world-wide association under the leadership of such a great man as "B.- P." 

FRANK MALLETT. This article was taken from the August 1929 edition of the Magazine of the Borden (Church of England School) 'The Playstool'

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