The Barrow Trustees signalled by tea towel

As a child I lived with my parents, brothers and sisters in Forge House, my father was the blacksmith.
Twice a year (April and October) the Barrow Trustees met in Barrow House, this was known as ‘rent day’ where the tenants of various properties and farms came to pay their half yearly rent. When the business was over the trustees enjoyed a roast dinner prepared and cooked by Mrs Fuggle and her daughter Doris at The Maypole opposite. When the trustees were ready they hung a tea towel from the upstairs window, the food was carried across the road and up the stairs (no cars to dodge in those days) Mr Fuggle had died years before and she had no man to help. It was apple pie and custard when the tea towel came out and then it was all over for another six months. 

Marjorie Barrett (nee Sherlock)

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