The Ghost of Borden Hall

The Ghost of Borden Hall

I remember as a child my father telling me of the” Ghost of Borden Hall “and being born and raised in the Village of Borden as was my brothers and my mother (whose father was the local blacksmith George Sherlock) I became a little fascinated by this ghost. The Ghost presumably roamed the Hall at night, and if my memory serves me well, it would be at the stroke of midnight!!! Or this could be a little bit of theatrics put in over the years.

As far as I can recall the gentleman that owned the hall was married to a Spanish Lady who over time had a child, I am not sure if the child was her husbands or if she had an affair and the child was from the affair, but it seems that she murdered the infant child and then her husband stabbed her!! One can only assume in a state of frenzy for her stabbing their child, he then buried both their bodies behind the hall.

As was quoted in the Conclusion of the article below, there has been nothing found in the back Garden to confirm this story, but there is a little more to add. At the stroke of midnight when there is a full moon it is said that a Spanish Lady can be seen riding a white horse from Borden Hall down the main Village street as far as Harman’s Corner and returning back to Borden Hall. I must admit I have never seen or heard her and not come across anybody that has seen her.

My father had the original manuscript from which the story comes from although he might have passed it on to one of my brothers! This I am not sure of.

The Owner of Borden Hall has given his permission to publish this article and at this point I would like to sincerely thank him. Like me he thinks that every Village has a Ghost somewhere and Borden has its own in Borden Hall!! Whether it is true or just a myth remains to be seen or heard.
Happy Ghost Hunting 

The Ghost of Borden Hall The Ghost of Borden Hall

Roger Martin

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