MARY YOUNG (Day) 02 April 1916 -27 August 1992

Mums Story

I was born in Borden on April 2 nd the day the gunpowder went up. We were

staying in my Granmars house. Though we lived next door ,and it was number 2

and we lived in No 3 Devards Place and my dad was in the army he had to

come home and my granny had to draw all the water, my granny Ingram that is,

and I don't know where my granddad was at the moment. We got this water

from the well ,my granny was getting the hot water ready for me to be

born which was her birthday any all rate and my grandad err my dad was

having a shave and cut her hand or her thumb rather with his bliming knife

so had to send for the doctor that day and I think it was in the afternoon

that the Gunpowder went up and they all left my mum behind and next minute

they looked round and she was all on the cobble stones.I had already got a

brother Ted but I don't know much about him at the moment and err my

grandad worked on a farm.

I don't know much about him but his name was Enoch Hart Ingram and my

granny I think her name was Ahill .

They were country people and the house we lived in wasn't a very big place

we had no running water the loo was right up top of the garden.They were

wooden ones .

My mum had quite a few brothers and sisters and there was my eldest I think

was my Auntie ,err my uncle Jack ,then he had a couple of children .He was

a Rooser .Then there was my Uncle Edmund,Andrew Elsie quite a few of them I

wont name them all and them practically born within a year of each other

,and after the war we went back into the house next door and when my dad

came out of the army as he wasn't a farm worker we had to get out so we

came down to Borden Street next to the Forge or near the Forge and right

opposite the Maypole .

I used to like that because the bloke there, Mr Fuggles had a horse

and trap we used to go for little rides because there were no buses and I

used to go to Borden School. It was not very far away it was by the side

through the church yard . 

Passed to us by Ray Young.

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