Mrs White came to Borden in 1950

Sunday, 14 March 2010 16:58
I was born in into a family of farmers in Scotland. I grew up near Guildford on my parent’s farm and moved to Borden in 1950; after the Second World War my husband Ron and I lived in Europe where he worked as a Transport Manager for the British Army.

I moved to Borden directly from Medway hospital after giving birth to my son Andrew.

I remember a very quieter Wrens Road where children played in the road
and shop keepers visited us with their vans, Donald came on Tuesdays carrying
groceries, Mr Dougherty, the butcher, delivered meat and an ice cream seller also called.

We grew our own vegetables including potatoes in the front garden.

I have been a member of Borden WI and I also joined the Mothers Union where
I served as The Enrolling Member.

My favourite saying is as follows:
Life maybe not what you want but it’s all you’ve got,
so stick a Geranium in your ‘at and be ‘appy! 

Sarah White

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