• Cockles

    I was eight years of age and my sister was four when our twin brothers were born in 1927 at Forge House. My Dad (George Sherlock) looked round for something to take us in to the seaside and bought a large motor bike and sidecar from Mr Alex Greenlees of Oad Street. Mum sat in the sidecar with the twins on her lap, my sister sat in a little seat in the front and I was on the back of the motorbike. My Dad had a mania for collecting cockles and on nice sunny days in the summer we used Read More
  • Adventures of a milk boy

    Drivers from the left: Ern Ferris, Not Known, Norman Rossiter, Arthur Catchlove, Dave Spink, Stanley Whitehead (son), Reginald Whitehead (Owner), Harold Nash, John Black, Not Known, Ike Friday (daughter), Tom Friday (father). (supplied by Ivan Rossiter) I first started to work for Whiteheads dairies for extra pocket money, the dairy was situated in Munsgore Lane about halfway between Borden school and Oad Street I was about thirteen and even though mum and dad gave me pocket money I was always told that if I wanted something then I had to work for it! So I asked our local milkman Dave Read More
  • Borden Cricket Club

    A TRIP BACK IN TIME The origin of cricket itself goes back to medieval times. Historians say that the south-east corner of England cradled the ‘birth’ of cricket in those times. The civil Wars 1642-49 halted all games and, with Oliver Cromwell and his Puritans banning games involving gambling, the game of cricket sunk, virtually without trace, until the reign of Charles the Second. The revival of cricket in the early 1700’s saw many great club sides emerge, particularly in and around London, with the most powerful of those being Marylebone cricket club – known by most as M.C.C. By Read More
  • Borden Village War Memorial

    Names and details of those commemorated by the Borden Village War Memorial. Sidney Honeysett Born - Borden in 1880 Parents - James and Jane Honeysett, living at Cryalls Cottage according to the 1891 census with his father listed as a groom/domestic servant at the time. 1901 census - Age 10 with the family still living at Cryalls Cottage. 1911 census - Age 20 and sigle working as a farm hand at Cryalls Farm. Acting Corporal Sidney Honeysett Enlisted - Sittingbourne Regiment - 1st Battalion Queens Own Royal West Kent. He joined up at the same time as his younger brother as Regimental Numbers only one different. Read More
  • Scouting in 1929

    Our newly-formed Troop of Scouts, rejoycing in the name of the "1st Borden" is going strong.There are two Patrols - the Owl and the Pewitt. The Owl Patrol colours are light blue, and the Pewitt's white and green. As regards the other part of the uniform, they are the same. I think our Headmaster has been very generous to the Scouts by giving them their neckerchiefs, and also obtaining permission for them to use the school for meetings. The majority of the Scouts have passed their Tenderfoot. No Scout is allowed to wear uniform unless he has passed the Tenderfoot. There Read More
  • Youth Club 1959

    Is that you in the picture? Borden Youth Club in the old village hall about 1959. Names have been sent to us by Roger Martin; Girl eating sandwich is Catherine Prior. On her right is her sister Susan Prior and on her right is Joan Little. On her right is Ian Martin. Sitting at the table leaning back on his chair is Roy Stickles and on his left is David Young. Opposite David is Roy's eldest brother Alan Stickles. The other two boys are not known.  Read More
  • Borden in World War One.

    The Maypole Location of a recruiting rally with lanternslide lecture, 25th September 1914. Oad Street Site of a weekend camp of Kent Fortress Royal Engineers (TF) at the end of June 1915. A German POW working camp was here later in the War. Chestnut Street by the Tudor Rose. Location of an army training camp.  Helen Allinson “Borden – The History of a Kentish village” Synjon Books Sittingbourne, 2003. Read More
  • Harmans Corner

    The House named Harmans Corner is situated at the corner of Borden Lane and The Street. Continuous habitation is documented from 1650 but there is evidence that there was a building there before that date. For much of this time the house was occupied by the Tidy family, including Alfred Tidy who served as Churchwarden. Indeed a W Tidy signed the wallpaper in the kitchen in July 1848! The records of 1651 show that the property had five hearths. The hearth in the present dining room had apparently been used as a bread oven. Bottles have been found in the Read More
  • Marjorie's memories of Borden businesses

    The village stores were owned by the Kingsnorth family, they also had a shop and Post Office at Key Street when Key Street was a village. Borden Post Office was in the Barrow House on the corner of the Street, it was run by Mrs. Wood and her family and in later years it was transferred to the village shop. At cherry picking time Mrs. Wood used to be sent a telegram from the wholesalers in London this had to be delivered to the farmer. I used to receive 3d to walk to Oad Street with a telegram for Mr. Read More
  • The Forge,Uncle Ted and life at the school and as caretaker

    Life at the Forge: I was born in 1919, in Chestnut Street and moved into Forge House in The Street Borden in 1922. My Dad (the blacksmith George Sherlock) used to renew the worn tyres on the wagon wheels, in order to do this he had to remove the big round iron cover which wa we moveds and still is in front of the Forge, then he had to take off and fix the wheel in the space where the cover was then heat the new tyre on the forge fire. He used to get a bit of help – Read More
  • Women's Institute Borden

    Letter of congratulation to Borden WI 2009 from Elizabeth Giles nee Valentine. I am so sorry not to be with you all on this special day - the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! I came to Borden Village in 1941, with my 6th month old baby boy. My husband had been placed in a reserved occupation and had spent the time from the New Year finding a home for us. I walked into Broomfield in June, having travelled through an air-raid, and the back door was open. There was a lovely walled garden with a great bed of Read More
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